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Assorted peel-off-stickers

Assorted peel-off-stickers
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These bronze-coloured hobby stickers are self-adhesive decorative stickers in a range of different designs. These hobby stickers are the perfect decorative addition to all your gifts, photo albums, printed items and envelopes. It is also possible to colour in the outline created by the peel-off sticker using markers, coloured pencils or paint. Our bronze-coloured stickers can be purchased in quantities from one sheet of 21 stickers.

Characteristics of our assorted peel-off stickers:

  • Can be ordered by the sheet
  • 21 stickers to a sheet
  • Metallic bronze colour
  • 6 designs
  • Self-adhesive
  • Assorted peel-off-stickers
  • Heart peel-off stickers
  • Lotus peel-off stickers
  • Narcissus peel-off stickers
  • Rose peel-off stickers
  • Star peel-off stickers
  • Lily peel-off stickers
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