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Birthday envelopes

Birthday envelopes
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Birthday envelopes are greeting card envelopes which feature a variety of patterns to help make a birthday extra special. A festive pattern on an envelope will help make a birthday card even more special! The patterns available for the birthday envelopes are ideal for birthday cards and for birthday party initiations! Birthday envelopes feature a gummed flap.

Want to save time and money spent addressing your envelopes or printing labels yourself? View the possibilities for adding addresses here.

Birthday envelopes characteristics:

  • Can be ordered individually
  • 100 gram white offset paper
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Greeting card envelope with gummed flap
  • Birthday envelopes
  • Birthday envelopes - decoration
  • Birthday envelopes - happy birthday blue
  • Birthday envelopes - happy birthday presents
  • Birthday envelopes - party 50
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