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Board-backed envelopes

Board-backed envelopes
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Board-backed envelopes offer more stability than regular ones due to their cardboard back. The front of the envelope is made of durable Kraft paper and the back is made from sturdy duplex cardboard which makes the envelops difficult to fold. Board-backed envelopes are ideally suited for sending items like certificates, contracts and photos.

For a small surcharge, we can also offer custom printing on your cardboard envelopes. View the custom-printing possibilities here.

Want to save time and money spent addressing your envelopes or printing labels yourself? View the possibilities for adding addresses here.

Board-backed envelopes characteristics:

  • Front of 120 gram Kraft paper (white or brown)
  • Back of 450 gram double cardboard (white card with white front, grey card with brown front)
  • Sizes up to 380 x 450 mm: closure using peel-and-seal strip
  • Sizes from 400 x 500 mm: non-gummed closure, back features 700 gram grey double card
  • Double cardboard back
  • Hard to bend
  • Board-backed envelopes
  • Board-backed envelopes - brown
  • Board-backed envelopes - white
  • Board-backed envelopes - white with window
  • Board-backed envelopes - white with window right
  • Board-backed envelopes
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