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Opaque plastic envelopes

Opaque plastic envelope compilation
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Very attractive strong opaque plastic envelopes which come in 8 sizes. These plastic envelopes are ideal for dispatching textiles, clothing and brochures which require protection. The envelopes are easy to seal using the seal strip. Perfect for webshops specializing in textiles and clothes.

Opaque plastic envelopes characteristics:

  • Available in multiples of 100 or 250
  • 50 micron white/black coextruded film, except for size 550 x 770 mm, these are manufactured from 65 micron
  • Straight flap and easy closure using peel-and-seal strip
  • Untearable and water-repellent
  • Glossy white exterior
  • Opaque plastic envelope compilation
  • Opaque plastic envelopes with clothing
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