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Folding shipping boxes

Folding shipping boxes
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Our folding boxes allow you to ensure a perfect presentation every time! Ideal for when you need greater attention value. 
Our shipping boxes are extremely simple to close, thanks to the convenient tuck-in flaps. These shipping boxes with attached flap lid are white on the outside and brown on the inside. In addition to their high attention value, these shipping boxes also provide solid protection for the contents. Help your shipping boxes gain even more attention with our very special stick-on seals.

For a small surcharge, we can also offer custom printing on your post boxes. View the custom-printing possibilities here.

Want to save time and money spent addressing your envelopes or printing labels yourself? View the possibilities for adding addresses here.

Characteristics of folding shipping boxes:

  • Available in stacks of 50 boxes
  • Sturdy 315 gsm cardboard
  • Available in 6 formats
  • Easy-to-close using the tuck-in flaps
Internal size      External size      Weight per envelope
120 x 160 x 25 mm   125 x 180 x 29 mm   approx. 30 gram
230 x 160 x 26 mm   255 x 165 x 30 mm   approx. 45 gram
310 x 220 x 26 mm   330 x 225 x 30 mm   approx. 74 gram
155 x 155 x 25 mm   170 x 160 x 28 mm   approx. 42 gram
260 x 260 x 28 mm   275 x 265 x 31 mm   approx. 94 gram
350 x 220 x 28 mm   365 x 225 x 31 mm   approx. 100 gram

Internal size: length x width x height
External size: length x width x thickness
  • Folding shipping boxes
  • Folding shipping boxes
  • Folding shipping boxes
  • Folding shipping boxes
Did you know that you can also order printing on these envelopes?
Did you know that you can also add adresses on these envelopes?