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Transparent plastic bags

Plastic transparent bags (example with clothing)
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Transparent plastic bags are used for many purposes. Different products can be bundled or stored inside. Examples are clothing, documents, tools and they are also suitable for various foodstuffs.

Transparent plastic bags characteristics:

  • Material: 50 micron transparent polythene
  • Protective
  • Water-repellent
  • Tear-resistant and flexible
  • Recyclable polythene
  • Dust-free

Note;  You can only order transparent plastic bags by the box.

All sizes are packed 100 to a box apart from the following:
  • 500 x 600 mm,
  • 500 x 700 mm,
  • 500 x 800 mm,
  • 600 x 800 mm.

These are packed 50 to a box.
  • Plastic transparent bags (example with clothing)
  • Plastic transparent bags (example with fruit)
  • Plastic transparent bags (example with contents)
  • Transparent plastic bags
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