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Tension film packaging

Tension film packaging - collective photo
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Safe packaging supplies with tension film. The packaging is suitable for sending out fragile and high-value products. The cardboard with the adhesive film should be put into the crash lock box and be sealed with the self-adhesive strip closure. You no longer need to use tape or packaging filler!

Tension film packaging characteristics:

  • Amazingly quick to set up
  • Easy closure using peel-and-seal strip
  • Tear-off perforation for easy opening
  • Safe dispatch because the contents and fixed down

Click on the photos to enlarge them and read the instructions.

Please note:
Available in multiples of 20 items - 1 item includes 1 crash lock box + 1 inlay.
  • Tension film packaging - collective photo
  • Tension film packaging - step 1: The inlay is supplied flat.
  • Tension film packaging - step 2: Place the contents under the film.
  • Tension film packaging - step 3: Fold the long sides around - this fixes the contents.
  • Tension film packaging - step 4: Fold up the short sides.
  • Tension film packaging - step 5: Place the inlay in the associated crash lock box.
  • Tension film packaging - step 6: Close the crash lock box using the seal strip. You can now dispatch it.
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